Children of Art is a registered non-profit organization in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. We build art programs for children in need and work to alleviate the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Excited kids completing an art challenge

Children of Art is a community of artists, educators, art therapists, entrepreneurs, and people who care to bring change to the lives of children in need. We use the power of art and creativity to change lives.

Research has shown that art can help:

  • Release stress and reduce anxiety
  • Express suppressed emotions
  • Process grief and loss
  • Increase self-awareness

We work with refugee centres, children's hospitals, community centres, schools, orphanages, and mental health facilities to bring creativity into children’s lives. We aspire to grow nationwide, and eventually become a global organization that supports and inspires communities all over the world.

Excited kids completing an art challenge

We are a nonprofit with a self-sustaining business model

Children of Art Foundation has a unique business model. Our team realized early on that in order to grow the organization organically and reach more people in need, we needed to develop a line of creative services and products and sell them to the public. Currently we offer the Children of Art Challenge and the first publication of a series of colouring books, which you can purchase here. Stay tuned for more products and services!

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Meet the Team

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­­A word from our founder

My name is Noa Ben­-Mazia, or Noya as some people know me. On January 2nd, 2015 I started executing my New Year's resolutions: I decided to seriously start taking care of my mental health, and to do something selfless.

Ever since I can remember, people have called me “crazy", "different" or "wacky" - and I am indeed all of these things, but being the class clown comes with a price. I have Bipolar disorder, which can be pretty scary, confusing and lonely. Art has been a grounding force my entire life. It enables me to keep moving forward, it gives me hope, and creates balance in my life.

I founded Children of Art to spread the healing impact of art to children in need. I wish to build a community that cares to bring a positive and colourful difference to the world.

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